PETRA, Struktur des HF-Systems

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The nominal beam parameter for PETRA-III is 100 mA beam current at 6 GeV particle energy. A total rf power of 1.3 MW is required to compensate the radiation losses of damping wigglers, undulators, dipole magnets, the cavity copper and HOM losses. Furthermore a circumference voltage of 20 MV is needed for sufficient Touschek lifetime. The rf power is generated by two 500 MHz transmitter stations. Each transmitter contains two 800 kW klystrons. In general each transmitter supplies six related cavities. In this case the waveguide shutters, indicated by dotted lines downstream the first 3 dB hybrid couplers, are open. To get full transmitter power coming out of the cavity supplying ports of the 3-dB hybrid couplers, the following phase shifter trombones have to be adjusted appropriately. The ports connected to the interconnection line are isolated in this case. In case of severe problems with one transmitter all 12 cavities can be supplied by the second transmitter. Therefore the waveguide shutters of the defective transmitter must be closed and the phase shifter trombones must be adjusted in such way that the output power of the active transmitter is split by the related 3 dB hybrid coupler. One part then supplies the associated six cavities and the other part supplies the six cavities related to the defective transmitter via the interconnection line. The phase shifter trombones of the defective transmitter can be used to adjust the rf phase between both cavity groups.

Structure of the PETRA III RF System 2014-03-31.png


Daten für eins der beiden identischen HF-Systeme

Parameter Einheit nominell (6,08 GeV, 100 mA) maximal Anmerkungen
Arbeitsfrequenz MHz 499,666 -
HF-Ausgangsleistung kW 650 1600 -
Rückwärtsleistung kW 55 400 -
Cavity-Vorlaufleistung kW 92 150 pro Cavity
Cavity-Vorlaufleistung kW 550 900 alle 6 Cavities
Cavity-Verlustleistung kW 300 580 alle 6 Cavities
Cavity-Bandbreite kHz 80 - -
Cavity-Impedanz MOhm 28,1 - im Grundmode pro Cavity
Auf den Strahl übertragene Leistung kW 250 - @ 6,08 GeV
Cavity-Spannung MV 10 14 alle 6 Cavities


PETRA, 1-Sender-Btrb.PNG